About Sirius Asset Solutions

Welcome to Sirius Asset Solutions Ltd, a British company that offers asset management solutions for various assets, including pallets. By combining a pallet with our technology, the trackable and traceable box pallet can save you money, reduce your losses, and optimise your distribution system.


Sirius Asset Solutions was founded on September 27th 2017 in the United Kingdom. The directors of Sirius, are from a cross section of industries within the fresh meat, security, IT, and asset tracking sectors.

Through our combined and extensive experience in business, we were able to identify a technological solution to the problem of lost box pallets with the fleet, which for most companies amounts to around 85% per annum.

We are Unique

We are a company which delivers to its customers the true location of its fleet everyday, whether its inside or outside of the distribution network. We have proven results in reducing losses and easy-to-use reporting tools.


We are very proud to report that companies using our product have reported a dramatic improvement in pallet retention, with losses dropping from 85% per annum to less than 5%.

For several years we have developed – and will continue to develop – our smart technology. Offering our Sirius Sense in combination with box pallets in two ways; new from the manufacturer or retrofitted to your existing stock.

If you have any questions, comments, or you’d like a free consultation on how our technology can save your business money, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The history and development behind our SiriusSense technology

Started by Nick Baird

Nick Baird has 45 years’ experience working in the meat trade, primarily in the B2B industry operating a large meat company, with wholesale deliveries to major retailers, and meat manufacturers and processors, with extensive knowledge of their requirements.

15-20 years ago

Demand for plastic containers

15-20 years ago, many companies starting requesting products to be delivered in something other than wood or cardboard, in order to reduce the level of foreign bodies.

These companies wanted to switch to plastic, suppliers then started using plastic box pallets.

Expensive losses

However, it was difficult to track them and they were getting lost at a rapid rate.

At around £120-£150 per box pallet, these companies experienced a significant financial loss and an administrative headache.

New solution still needed

What was needed was a control system; a way of controlling where the box pallets were within the delivery system.

However, the initial paper-based system didn’t stem the loss of box pallets to any significant extent; they were still getting lost once they were outside the delivery loop.

The solution to this was to develop a way to automatically detect where each box pallet was, whether it was inside or outside the delivery loop.


SiriusSense box pallet

So the SiriusSense box pallet was born.

Now, the location of each SiriusSense box pallet could be fully traced using an online tracking system and didn’t require any recharging.

The smart technology within the containers will last as long as the expected lifecycle of an average box pallet container, which is around 4 years.

Tried and Tested

Since 2017, these containers have been developed and honed within Baird Foods, a family-run business with over 40 years of experience in the meat and food industry.

They have tested, used and thoroughly exploited the benefits of the SiriusSense Box containers, with box pallets losses falling from 75 to less than 10 per year.

For many years, companies have been crying out for a solution just like this; that reduces heavy financial losses of expensive box pallets.

With the SiriusSense smart box pallets, that solution is now here!