Introducing the combination of the SiriusSense with a pallet

Powered by the revolutionary SiriusSense system our combined technology with a box pallets can be tracked and traced throughout your distribution system. No matter where they are, or how long they take to come back, the technology will report its location to you. There's no need to recharge them and they can connect to the network worldwide.

sirius sense box pallet

The Problem...

You have a lot invested in your box pallets. They are the unsung heroes of your distribution system.

BUT you lose money when:

  • You send them out and they don't come back
  • You send newer ones out and get older ones back
  • You send undamaged ones out and get damaged ones back
  • You spend money administering them around your routes

The Solution

The SiriusSense box pallet

By using the SiriusSense box pallets, you will reduce losses by up to 85% per annum.

  • Reports its location online once a day for four years
  • Requires no maintenance or recharging on your part
  • Provides you with an intuitive online system to monitor all your box pallets

Operational lifetime: Four years
Operating temperature, °C: -30<>60
Operational zones: North America, Europe & Asia

sisius sense box pallet

Our SiriusSense box pallets can:

Save money

Reduces your losses on box pallets by up to 85% per annum.

Reduce time on admin

Requires no maintenance or recharging on your part.

Remove guesswork

Provides you with an intuitive online system to monitor all your box pallets.

Saves you money by...


Stops you losing box pallets

Helps you recover lost box pallets


No more old box pallets for new

Stops the substitution of new for old box pallets


No more damaged box pallets

Stops the switch of undamaged box pallets for damaged


Know where your box pallets are

Helps you identify the locations and routes


Simplifies administration

Simplify the administration of your box pallets around your routes


No longer responsible for losses

Make your customers, not you, responsible for losses


Better utilise your transport

Helps you better utilise your transport on returns of box pallets


Reduces supplier/customer disagreements

Resolve disputes with evidence


Fast reporting

Catch any problems quickly with our online system


No closed "loop" network

Know the location of all your box pallets no matter where they are in the delivery loop - or even if they are outside of the loop

The Next Steps


Stop losing money

We'll work with you to show you where you're losing money on your box pallets


Start tracking your Sirius Sense Box Pallets

We'll show you how to eliminate these losses with SiriusSense box pallets powered with Sirius Sense.


We'll show you how

We'll share with you case studies demonstrating our success elsewhere saving customers money

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The Bottom Line.

By using the SiriusSense box pallet, you will reduce losses by up to 85% per annum.