Retrofitting: Upgrade your existing Dolavs to DolavLive

When investing in Dolav box pallets, many companies prefer to purchase new, direct from the manufacturer.

But what if you already hold a large stock of Dolav box pallets? Or you don't have the initial outlay of funds to invest straight away? Or perhaps you'd simply prefer to test the waters first?

This is where retrofitting is perfect for your business...


We offer a complete service by adding our smart technology to your existing Dolav box pallets at your location (subject to quality and condition), with no disruption to you or your business.

  • Our specialist team travels to you
  • We setup a workspace at your premises – just leave all the hard work to us
  • Competitively priced
  • Save on expenditure while benefiting from new technologies
  • Optimise your existing Dolavs
  • Extend the life of your current stock
  • Reduce administration costs and increase efficiency of your route

At the end of it, you'll have a stock of trackable and traceable DolavLive box pallets that are every bit as 'smart' as the brand new Dolavs.

The Solution

Rest assured, our retrofitted DolavLive box pallets are as intelligent as a brand new DolavLive. Each one will:

  • Report it's location online once a day for four years
  • No maintenance or recharging on your part

Using our intuitive SiriusSense online system, you can monitor the location of your DolavLive any time you wish. Once you are logged in you can also generate a daily colour-coded Excel report that flags any DolavLive box pallets that are delayed in transit or in the wrong location.

Clicking on each location takes you to an online map for further investigation.

This user friendly system is available 24 hours a day, every day, whenever you need it.


A new lease of life

With quick installation, no maintenance or recharging required, your retrofitted Dolav pallets will be a stress-free experience.

Gone will be the days of a challenging routine to monitor your Dolav stock, with no confusion as to where the pallets are, who has them, how many are off-site, whether they have been swapped for older Dolavs, or whether they have been diverted or stolen. Our DolavLive will solve all of these problems.

And what’s more, we’ll do all the upgrading work for you in the background, while you carry on running your business.